Joanne started smoking at the young age of 15 and smoked for 35 years before putting her health and her financial situation first and contacted Yorkshire Smokefree to start her quitting journey.

I was 15 when I first started smoking and I have smoked for 35 years.

I started smoking because my friends were smoking and I wanted to join them,

On average, I spoke between 16 and 20 cigarettes a day.

I want to quit smoking for my health, fitness and the cost!

I accessed the Yorkshire Smokefree service via the telephone support and would rate it 10/10.

I used Zyban (stop smoking medication) to help me stop smoking, I found this very helpful.

Apart from medication, the support from Helen at the Wakefield service and my family helped me to quit and exercise has also helped me to stay smokefree.

I feel my health has improved since I quit, I feel I have more energy and a bit more get up and go.

Since quitting, I have started doing yoga and walking my daughters dog.

I like not having to stop for a cigarette, i like that I have more energy and feel better about myself and also having more money!

I think I have saved probably a few hundred pounds and we have bought a new car with the money saved.

If I could speak to anyone who has recently started smoking:

I would tell people to look into their future and imagine not being able to breathe whilst doing normal everyday things, this is what frightened me. I would tell my younger self to not take that first puff.

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