Gary's Success Story

A huge congratulations to Gary who decided to quit to help improve his treatment for cancer. 

What was your main reason to access the service? 

I have cancer so I found that stopping smoking helped with my treatment.

Did you believe you could achieve 4 weeks smokefree? 

No not at all, I never thought I could do it!

Have you used medication to help you quit? 

Yes, I used Champix. I couldn't have done it without it!

Aside from medication, what else helped you stay smokefree?

My family has been very supportive! I did this mainly for my kids which I am so proud of.

Has your health improved since you quit? 

My breathing has improved a lot since quitting. I've also felt the financial benefit and I feel so much more positive. 

Did the lockdown affect your quit? 

It definitely made it difficult, I had to have a lot of willpower to keep going! 

What did you find helpful about accessing the service via telephone?

The support I received from my advisor was very helpful, also knowing that someone will contact you regularly to see how you are managing and how I felt was a huge help to me.

If you’ve been impacted by Gary's journey and would like support to quit smoking, register now for a Callback Request today.

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