Elaine, Julie and Katie

Elaine, Julie and Katie

Elaine, Julie and Katie, three generations of smokers, have now proudly transitioned into ex-smokers! To commemorate International Women’s Day this year, these inspiring women have made the decision to share their remarkable journey.

After experiencing an aneurysm, Elaine, a long-time smoker, received a sobering wake-up call regarding her health. This pivotal moment urged her to quit smoking for good.

Julie, Elaine’s daughter, and Katie, her granddaughter, had also fallen into the trap of smoking, mirroring the patterns of their predecessors. Studies have shown the increased likelihood of children of smokers picking up the habit themselves.

In a touching display of solidarity, Julie and Katie made the courageous commitment to support Elaine in her journey to quit smoking. Together, they embarked on their smoke-free journey on January 15th, utilizing vaping devices as aids.

Recently celebrating Elaine's 80th birthday in Benidorm, the trio savored every moment of the festivities while staying true to their smoke-free commitment.

Aside from experiencing improvements in their health, Elaine has also reaped financial benefits from quitting smoking. With the money saved, she indulged in a beautiful gold chain, symbolizing her newfound freedom.

Elaine's Stop Smoking Advisor, Claire, is eager to honor these three generations of women on International Women’s Day for their remarkable achievement in successfully quitting smoking. Bravo, ladies!

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