Lady quits smoking after 23 years

After adopting a new companion Elaine changed her health and lifestyle, and hasn’t looked back since. The following is her heartwarming journey.

Elaine started smoking when she was 40 years old as a coping mechanism after a blow-out argument with her erstwhile in-laws. Her habit lasted for 23 years in which she was smoking 10 cigarettes a day. 

Everything changed when she adopted a dog that needed long walks and plenty of exercise. Upon discovering she was not fit enough to keep up she finally had the motivation to become healthier and enjoy an active lifestyle.

She chose to attend group support with Yorkshire Smokefree, as she found the camaraderie and shared experiences built her confidence and made her feel less alone. She rates the services she accessed “ten out of ten!”

During her full-stop journey, she found nicotine patches extremely helpful and did not require further assistance. 

Her health has improved markedly since quitting, with greater lung capacity and ease of breathing when walking her dog. She is now able to walk a long day, up hills without fatigue. She loves not smelling of smoke and being free from regular sore throats.

To celebrate her triumph she has treated herself to the odd scratchcard with the money she has saved on cigarettes. 

Elaine’s advice to anyone considering taking up smoking is “don’t be stupid, there are other ways to deal with your problems.” 

If you want to quit like Elaine, get in touch with Yorkshire Smokefree for a Callback Request today. 

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