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Well done Daryl for completing your quit journey with Yorkshire Smokefree! After contracting COPD, Daryl knew that he had to stop smoking before it was too late. Here's his account:

27 years ago, when I was just 18 I started smoking. I can’t really remember why I started smoking but it quickly became part of my daily routine.

After complications from years of smoking, I required surgery following my COPD diagnosis. I have persistent chest infections and generally feel breathless throughout the day and knew that I had to quit smoking before I created any further damage.

I received one-to-one appointments with an NHS Adviser, our sessions were really helpful and continued to keep me motivated throughout your journey. I took things day-by-day and noticed the effects of being smoke free becoming visible quickly.

I’ve been able to walk to my local shop and back without being out of breath, my taste has returned and I have more money in my pocket – I’ve definitely noticed a difference when it comes to paying my bills at the end of the month.

The support I received from Yorkshire Smokefree was brilliant and I’d recommend them to anyone wanting to quit smoking.



If you feel inspired by Daryl's story and would like support in quitting smoking, register for a Callback Request today.