Colin quit smoking with his family's encouragement to finally go smokefree, without the support of the Yorkshire Smokefree, Colin would not have become smokefree!

The main reason I quit smoking was to have an operation, and also for my health.

I believed I could achieve 4 weeks smokefree. I used medication to help us stop smoking and it was really helpful, and I could not have managed without the support. Apart from taking medication, family encouragement also helped me to quit. Hearing from friends and family how well I am doing on my smokefree journey has definitely pushed me further.

Since quitting smoking, my breathing and smell has improved, my cough has also gone and wheezing on a night has gone and I have a lot more energy. I feel like I can move around a lot more than I could previously.

The current lockdown hasn't made much difference as I have continued with work as normal. I think if I hadn't carried on working it may have been more of a struggle.

I found that knowing someone will call and that I could call the advisor if support was required to be really helpful. It was great knowing that on a certain day and time I would receive a call and be able to talk through how I was feeling and how I was finding going smokefree.

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