Clare gave up smoking with the help of Yorkshire Smokefree Wakefield after experiencing lots of breathing issues. She's now a year smokefree!

"12 months ago I decided that after a lot of breathing issues and 32 years of smoking that I wanted to quit. I have attempted this numerous times in the past but always failed.

I decided to visit the Stop Smoking Hub at Pinderfields General Hospital, where I met Helen. I explained how I had decided that I wanted to stop smoking for good and the wheels were put in motion for me to attend my first appointment.

I came to a decision that using the Nicorette spray was the way forward for me. I found it quite difficult to start with but Helen’s constant support kept me on track. I became extremely motivated to kick the habit.

After only a matter of a few weeks I began not to even like the spray.  I didn’t like the smell of cigarettes and I certainly did not want to smoke a cigarette.

I am so proud to feedback that I am now 12 months smoke free. I feel so much better in myself. I am not as out of breath as I used to be.

I feel fantastic.

Thank you Helen and the team for helping to change my life for the better."

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