Doncaster stop smoking team

Christopher came to his local Doncaster stop smoking clinic with a 25 year habit and concerns about his general health and wellbeing. We are proud to report that after much hard work and determination Christopher is now officially an ex-smoker after completing our quit programme.

Christopher began smoking at the age of 18 and over the course of 25 years his habit has led to him smoking around 30 cigarettes a day – a whopping 900 cigarettes per month. Knowing this was both financially and physically damaging, Christopher knew it was time to stop for good.

Christopher attended regular clinics and made use of nicotine replacement therapy. At home he drew inspiration from the Yorkshire Smokefree website and Facebook Page and found it helped him stay motivated between appointments. It was rewarding for his advisors to learn that he rated their service 10/10!

Now an ex-smoker, he’s quickly saving money, which he has already invested in a gym membership. He’s also noticed that his sense of smell has dramatically improved and his fingers are no longer yellow. His word of advice for smokers who are considering quitting is simple… STOP!

We are so proud of you Christopher. Well done on your quit, you’ve been an inspiration!

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