Bev & Anthony

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We are Bev and Anthony (husband and wife) and we both joined the Stop Smoking Service together, hoping that we could support each other on our quit journey. We attended the Wakefield One clinic, where we met Julia, the smoking advisor, and found that the venue was easy to get to for us as we live in Wakefield.

We both wanted to stop for health reasons. Anthony has a diagnosis of COPD and I am suspected of having it. Also, we needed to save money as Anthony had retired two years ago, and we had been spending around £940 per month on cigarettes, which was eating into our pensions.

We both agreed to try the patches and the inhalator and found them to be very good in aiding our quit journey.

It has now been 3 months since we quit, and Anthony’s breathing is much improved along with his ability to take a full lung of air in one go. I have noticed that my circulation is much better, and the money we have saved has allowed us to treat our grandchildren more and start to build our savings up again… along with the odd treat for ourselves.

The best thing about the quit journey was the ability to have regular weekly appointments with Julia, and the CO readings were a great source of encouragement.