Ann-Marie Success Story

I joined the Smoke Free initiative 31st Jan following surgery to have my appendix removed, I have tried to quit several times on my own but have never been successful. Having smoked for 28 years it was a daunting task to break my habits. I chose to have face to face meetings weekly as this would give me more of an incentive to stop, I met my lovely supporter Su, who has been fantastically helpful and encouraging, we discussed the various products available to help me quit, the E-cig option was best for me. The process was quick and easy, the products were ordered and delivered within a few days. As a first-time user of the E-cig I had a few teething problems with the setup but my supporter Su and the customer care team at Totally Wicked were extremely helpful and sorted my issues swiftly. I also downloaded the NHS Quit Smoking app which was great, especially knowing how much money I had saved! I have now been smoke free for 28 days so far and feeling so much healthier already. Now I can breathe a lot deeper, and my lungs feel so much better, so my next goal is to start running to get even healthier using the NHS couch to 5k App.

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