Andrew Sinclair's Smokefree Update

Andrew Sinclair's Smokefree Update

I will always be grateful for the Smokefree service for which I have to thank for saving me from myself and smoking.

As you can see from my pictures I am on oxygen and a bipap machine which helps me to breathe.  I was like most people “no one will tell me to stop smoking” I got to the stage where it was making me really poorly but I still continued and had no intention of stopping until I got so poorly I ended up in hospital.

Andrew Sinclair smokefreeThankfully one of the consultants after speaking to me recommended the Smokefree service.  Once discharged from hospital I cynically gave them a call.  It has to be the smartest decision I ever made for myself.

I can’t begin to describe how you helped and how grateful I am for it.  I lost count of the number of times I tried on my own to stop and failed. 

It will soon be 10 months since I stopped and even now I can’t believe I have.  Anyone reading this if you’re like me think you will never be able to stop then I would recommended the service.  Don’t ask me what or how they do it but even 10 months down the line I still speak to the guys and they have been a rock.

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