Lucy had tried quitting before, but now she was pregnant she knew she had to give up for good.

What made you decide to stop smoking?

For my little boy and I'm having another baby.

What was the most challenging thing about smoking that made you look for a solution?

Being pregnant and the price of cigarettes.

Had you tried quitting before? Tell us, what's different his time?

Yes I've tried to quit before but this time, my pregnancy and seeing the picture of the placenta hit home.

What did you find most difficult when stopping smoking?

Altering my routine.

What benefits have you noticed since stopping smoking?

I'm feeling fitter and I smell much better.

What did you like about our service?

It's been a help with the advisor coming to my home and I've really liked this 1:1 service.

Is there anything that you feel particularly proud of, that you may not have been able to do before you received support from our service?

I've been swimming and I've not been out of breath.

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