Markus Quit Smoking

Today we celebrate Markus for officially becoming smokefree. 

Markus's main reason for accessing the service was due to suffering with COPD, Markus had been recently hospitalised due to this and was unable to walk and found breathing incredibly difficult. 

Markus told us that when he first came to Yorkshire Smokefree support he never believed he would be able to quit so fast. To help with his quit smoking journey Markus used patches and he found them very helpful. 

Since quitting Markus's breathing has improved, no longer feels breathless, has much more energy and now finds it much easier to sleep. Alongside this he has saved loads of money and has gained some healthy weight due to having an appetite.

Markus told us that the lockdown had made his quit difficult but he was determined. 

Quit online -

Our online quit tool will allow you to create your own personal profile and will support you on a daily basis through your quit journey.

Telephone support - our advisors are on hand to answer any questions or provide additional support as you need it. You can call 0800 612 0011 (free from landlines) or 0330 660 1166.

Visit our frequently asked questions section to find out more:


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