Barnsley woman quits smoking is healthy case study new life

Janine started smoking at the age of 12 because everyone else was doing it then she didn't stop for 35 years. After a lifestyle overhaul, Janine started eating healthily and joined a gym and felt now was the time to stop smoking too.

Janine received the support of a Yorkshire Smokefree Smoking Cessation advisor based in her GP surgery. Here is what Janine had to say…

I never thought I would be that person who would stop smoking and neither did my friends or family but with the support of the advisor based in my GP surgery I have become that person.

I do not believe I would have been successful without the support of Andrea, she gave me the motivation I needed to make the jump to become smoke free, I would not have done it without her.

I feel overwhelmed with how much better I feel since stopping smoking - I can already tell such a big difference. I no longer cough, I’m not out of breath and the extra cash I now have is fantastic: I have decorated the house from top to bottom, booked a holiday and treated myself to shopping trips... in the first 6 weeks of not smoking I saved £647.00!!

I cannot recommend the support of Yorkshire Smokefree and tell everyone I know they should sign up and QUIT too!



If you feel inspired by Janine's story and would like support in quitting smoking, register for a call back at: https://yorkshiresmokefree.nhs.uk/pages/callback-request

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