local sheffield senior man stops smoking cigarettes quits

Edward decided he wanted to start off 2020 smoke free! Here’s his story:

Every time I lit a cigarette I felt guilty knowing my lungs were getting worse and that made me feel depressed and angry with myself.

I was smoking very heavily but with help from Yorkshire Smokefree I managed to stop. I found distracting myself was a great help, I would go out shopping to distract myself and when I got a craving I would point out like a bus stop and told myself not to think about smoking until I reached the bus stop, by the time I did I had forgotten about my craving. I would then tell myself not to think about it until I was home. By dividing my day up into manageable targets it felt each target/destination was a result.

I am now smoke free and feel so much healthier and happier with myself.

Why not join in an become a quitter in 2020?

If you feel inspired by Dennis' story and would like support in quitting smoking, register for a Callback Request today.

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