Debbie Baker

Debbie Baker

I was about 16 years old when I started smoking and I smoked for about 40 years.

I started smoking when I was placed into care, there were lots of others in the home that smoked.

I was smoking between 26 and 30 cigarettes a day. I built up to quitting for a few months but I stopped smoking fully when I went into hospital for a hip replacement.

I accessed the support via the telephone support, I would rate the service 10/10 it was excellent.

I used stop smoking products, but I bought them myself, I tried both lozenges and a mouth spray but I have settled for a vape as others around me seemed to get on well with these and have now reduced to no nicotine in this.

The vape has definitely been the most helpful.

I was already 4 weeks smokefree when I joined the service, my support worker Sheena searched high and low for support and we never felt we were getting anywhere, she finally got the number for Smokefree and even though they weren't able to offer products they still offered me support, I found this really helpful having my advisor Stevie checking in weekly and my support worker Sheena has been my biggest suppport!

I have also kept busy attending my day centre, I walk every single day and I like to do colouring and jigsaws.

Debbie and Sheena both agree that my breathing is better and Sheena says I have lovely colour in my cheeks now a days plus no coughing.

I now walk every day, sometimes twoce a day and I am enjoying a lot more fruit.

I've saved at least £25 a week, I think that will work out at about £400. I have a holiday booked for Butlins but I have now also booked a Pool and Bowling holiday as extra, I wouldn't have been able to do this before and it's something I've always wanted to do.

If I could say anything to my younger self, it would be: When I smoked I did enjoy it as it was a big part of my social life and my social circle heped me to make me feel included but I am happy I have stopped now as I can see how much money I have saved.

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