Dawn quit smoking with the help of Yorkshire Smokefree Doncaster

"I was 16 years old when I started smoking, and the only reason I started was because of peer pressure. My friends smoked so being in a group, I thought I should too. On average I was smoking 21 to 25 cigarettes a day.

I have COPD and my breathing, especially at night, was getting concerning for me. I had a bad flare up and that was my trigger to stop!

The one to one support I received was excellent and I used the patches to help me quit, which have truly helped me. As well as the patches, my focus and mindset in believing that smoking was making my COPD worse helped me quit and stay smokefree.

Since quitting smoking, I can breathe more freely and it's awesome. I can also walk more without getting out of breath! I have started going to the gym twice a week and I've started meeting other people with COPD, this has helped keep me focussed. 

What's the best thing about not smoking? EVERYTHING! My clothes smell better and fresher, my breathe smells fresher and my health has seen a vast improvement - both mentally and physically.

I'm saving £60 a month since quitting, which is paying my bedroom tax on my second bedroom - my grandchildren’s bedroom!

If you're thinking about quitting smoking, DO IT! Focus on one day at a time and believe in yourself!"

UPDATE 19th JUNE 2019

"Totally feel a lot healthier, I've noticed such a difference in my breathing. I'm feeling so motivated now, I never want to smoke again."



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