Meet the Advisor - Amanda Kingsbury

Meet the Advisor - Amanda Kingsbury

We have a network of stop smoking advisors throughout Yorkshire, who have helped thousands of people to stop smoking. This month we chatted to Amanda, one of our Wakefield advisors. Here's what she had to say about the service...


I've been working for Wakefield Stop Smoking Service for 5 weeks. I would like to say how welcomed I have felt by my new colleagues. The staff are all so passionate about making a positive difference to their clients health and are always looking to ensure that they provide best practice.


I joined the service after studying Midwifery and so have always been enthusiastic and highly motivated by health promotion. Working as a Student Midwife I saw the detrimental impact smoking had on pregnancy and birth. I got to personally witness the reality of an increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. I got to see complications in labour, premature births and low-birth weight babies and the link to smoking was clear for all health care professionals to see. Sometimes it can be difficult to translate statistics into real life... I've seen the evidence in real life and I want be part of a service that protects Mothers, babies and their families.


Now, working on the other side of the fence and having the opportunity to provide information on the effects of smoking and smoking in pregnancy I want to make a difference. Prevention is always better than the cure!

I am thoroughly enjoying my time providing care, information and support to clients and I am often told how much healthier and "better" our clients feel after they have quit. I enjoy being part of their journey, on following their progress, celebrating their successes and empowering clients to get back on track after a relapse. It's a tough journey, no doubt, but that's why we exist as a service - we will  guide you through the process and your options, separate myths from fact and provide essential lifestyle/routine change and behaviour change advice.


To me it's important that women are given evidence based information so they can make an informed choice on stopping smoking....this information and education is also vital to ensuring new mothers remain quit after their babies are born.


Amanda Kingsbury (Stop Smoking Advisor - Wakefield)



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