Ask the Advisor - Lindsey

Ask the Advisor - Lindsey

At Yorkshire Smokefree we have a team of expert advisors committed to helping those who want to stop smoking. From one-to-one support sessions, a friendly chat over the phone or online, our advisors are there to help you manage your cravings and provide behavioural support and guidance that will help you break the habit for good.

We know quitting smoking is hard work, some of our advisors have even gone through it themselves! We’re a friendly and approachable team who will never judge and we’re committed to helping your smokefree journey be as smooth as possible.

Meet our advisor, Lindsey and take a look at what her experience is of working at Yorkshire Smokefree.

How long have you been a stop smoking advisor?

Since 17th November 2015

Describe a typical day at your Yorkshire Smokefree clinic:

I am involved in several clinics, 3 group clinics and 2 one to one clinics. At the one to one clinic I usually see pregnant ladies but I also see their partners too if they would also like help stopping smoking. I work very closely with the community midwife and we run clinics side by side in Children’s Centers.

My one to one clinic operates in 30 minute time slots where I see clients in a separate room for confidentiality reasons; on the first appointment we discuss the benefits of stopping smoking to both the client and the unborn child and how we are going to work together to have a successful quit attempt. I keep in touch with my clients and so we work together at their quit attempts.

How many people have you helped to stop smoking?

Since I started work in November I have helped 7 people to a 12 week quit status and I currently have helped another 14 people to a 4 week quit status which I am very pleased about. There are other clients that I see that are doing very well and I also expect them to join my successful quitters in the not too distant future.

What has been your most memorable quit story?

I helped a lady who had struggled with quitting when she found out she was pregnant. I gave her lots of support, advice and encouragement and she also had lots of support from her family and friends as well. That said she was the one who put in the hard work and fought her cravings and really it’s herself who should take the credit for being smoke free. She is currently on our website as a case study.

What’s the youngest age someone has approached you for support?


What’s the oldest age someone has approached you for support?


On average, how many sessions does each client attend?

I would say that if averaged out then most clients attend roughly about ¾ of their sessions.

What do you find is most effective when encouraging someone to quit smoking? (ie. CO readings, hearing about other success stories, use of NRT products, etc.)

I am in no doubt that the NRT products and Champix that we provide to help clients stop smoking are extremely important for the cravings part of stopping smoking, and the CO readings and Behavior Change techniques are vital to encourage the client and to break the habit side of stopping smoking. The latter work better in a group setting I think as it opens up conversation within the group from which they find support from each other as well as the advisor. However in a one to one setting it’s a little bit different and while I think the NRT and Champix products along with the CO reading are very important, I find that it is equally important to talk to the client about their own quit attempt and tailor it to suit their needs. So really it’s a combination of a lot of factors and working together that makes a quit attempt successful.

What do you love most about your job?

It’s very diverse and I love that. I am involved in group clinics working alongside other advisors and also I run one to one clinics by myself.

I work within a small but very close knit team and I find them all very supportive and feel encouraged by them. I think I would have to say that the thing I love most about my job is the satisfaction I get when I have helped somebody to quit smoking, it’s a life changer for them and to be involved in something so personal is an absolute honor.


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