Mandy from Wakefield started smoking at 13 years old after giving in to the peer pressure from her friends. Since everyone smoked, it seemed like the cool thing to do. However, after many years of being addicted to smoking, it was most definitely the wrong thing to do.

“My health started to deteriorate rapidly, and I didn’t want my kids to grow up around a mother who smoked, it’s not fair on them. So, I started one-to-one sessions at Yorkshire Smokefree and I’m so glad I did. The support was amazing, and I felt like I wasn’t alone which was so important.”

The Wakefield stop smoking advisor prescribed Champix, and combined with sheer determination and willpower Mandy managed to quit smoking. She is no longer breathless and has more energy which has enabled her to start exercising and walking places. All the money she has saved has helped her buy more clothes for her and the children, a huge benefit to her daily life.

“Just think twice, you’ll save money, and more importantly- save your health,”

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