Why did you start smoking?

I started smoking about a year ago. A lot of the people around me smoked.

It started off just smoking when I was around friends smoking or when I was bored. But I soon started to become addicted and got cravings for cigarettes.

What were your reasons for stopping smoking?

I never enjoyed smoking. I wanted to stop because it was costing me a lot of money and I hated smelling of smoke!

What did support with the Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield Service involve?

I met with a Stop Smoking Advisor once a week for 6 weeks. The sessions took place at school so they were easy to attend. In the sessions we talked about the effects of smoking.

I was surprised at how many chemicals there are in cigarettes.  My advisor gave me tips to overcome my smoking triggers, for example, avoiding being around people who smoked. I was given free prescriptions for nicotine patches to help reduce cravings.

I also had my carbon monoxide levels tested every week. This encouraged me to not smoke because I knew the machine would detect if I had smoked!

What have been the benefits of stopping smoking?

I have been smokefree over a month now. Since stopping smoking I have started seeing more money in my pocket - I’m saving almost £50 a month! With the money I have saved I have been treating myself by buying new clothes. I also feel cleaner and fresher because I don’t smell of smoke.

What would you advise other young people who want to stop smoking?

I would recommend getting support from the Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield Service. Think about how much money you can save if you stop smoking!

If you would like support to stop smoking speak to your tutor or visit to see the variety of support available to stop!

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