Client L was referred to the Yorkshire Smokefree service after being admitted to the Cardiology Ward at Barnsley Hospital following a heart attack.

L is 76 years old, has smoked for 60 years and suffers from lupus and angina, as well as the heart attack that hospitalised her. After initially being visited by Barnsley hospital's Stop Smoking Service at her bedside, it was decided that the best way to continue support for L was through the telephone.

L hadn’t smoked for 17 days by the first telephone appointment with the Smokefree service and she admitted she wished she had it done years ago because she was finding it easier than she anticipated. L was also experiencing some improvements and was able to lie down without wheezing.

L requested an additional inhalator as she was feeling agitated when she was getting urges to smoke, so we worked with her and advised her how to use it and suggested sticking to 2 to 3 cartridges per day. This was as well as the Nicotinell patches.

During the weekly phonecalls, L continued to be feel unwell, tired out and was confined to the house which resulted in her feeling very unhappy. We offered her plenty of encouragement and we reminded her the benefits of quitting smoking and she remained smoke free.

With the money that L was saving by not buying cigarettes, she was able to afford a brand new, expensive mattress that she had wanted for a while, but had never been able to afford and as a result she was sleeping better and feeling less tired. L also bought herself a luxury electric reclining chair, carpet and decorated her living room and she still had money in the bank which had never happened before.

We often talked for over half an hour and not always about her quit but she said that she found it helpful talking to us as she had nobody else. I decided to continue this as reducing her stress levels was helping her to stay smoke free.

There had been a few struggles along the way. L sometimes forgot that she had quit and found herself reaching for a cigarette, however she had no cigarettes in the house and the desire to smoke would eventually go away.

The cost of cigarettes had really motivated L and she is enjoying everything she has been able to buy since quitting. L also talked at length about how grateful she was for the Smokefree service because she believed she would never be able to quit. L steadily regained her independence and had even been out on her own. L said that she was actually looking forward to her next outpatients appointment at Cardiology as she wanted to see how things had improved since she quit.

L attended an appointment for 12 week carbon monoxide reading at the hospital office. This was the first time we had met face to face and it was lovely to meet. L is a feisty woman with a cheeky sense of humour who is now enjoying life much more, able to go out alone, socialise and live independently.

We have agreed to speak a few more times on the phone – there is no pressure on her to end the support before she is ready although she says that she is no longer tempted to smoke she feels that she still needs it.  

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