When John realised he no longer enjoyed smoking, he decided it was time to quit. He came to see us in Halifax for help and support and has been smokefree since the 11th January 2016!

Despite being a smoker, John’s health was in pretty good condition. However, he knew that it could change at any point. For John, the main thing he needed to overcome during his quit was the mental obsession to smoke.

Quitting is never easy and along the way John has found it’s made him irritable, impatient and with a short temper. Our advisors ensured him this was normal as his body was experiencing nicotine withdrawal symptoms. They gave him the support he needed to cope with the change, as well as NRT products to help him handle the cravings.

John proudly stuck with it and now can say he is happy with his smokefree results and feels more positive, fitter and cleaner!

Well done John!

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