After having tried to stop several times on her own, Jen decided enough was enough.

She had been suffering from an ongoing cough and her health wasn’t in the best condition. Jen always felt unwell and wanted to stop smoking to improve her chances of feeling better.

Although she wanted to quit, she wasn’t motivated enough to successfully quit by herself. Due to her health issues as well as the financial strain of smoking, she didn’t want to quit quitting. This is what motivated her to come to us for help.

Jen joined our weekly evening group session at Dewsbury health centre; run by our Kirklees Smokefree team. She told us she felt the advisers were very knowledgeable and loved that they weren’t judgemental about any of the group member’s situations.

Getting out of the habit of lighting up was the biggest hurdle for Jen. Through coming to the group sessions she picked up on others diversional tactics when cravings hit, and made the decision to pick up an old hobby she once left behind… knitting!

This was the perfect option for Jen. She had a project to focus on and the task kept her hands busy. Who needs smoking when you can create your own giraffe?!

We really love this idea and are so happy Jen decided to share this photo with us!

But her creation wasn’t the only advantage of quitting. Jen now has lost her cough, sleeps better and has improved her health. Most importantly she feels better in herself.

We’re proud of Jen for never giving up on stopping smoking - and now she finally has! Congratulations on becoming smoke-free.

What would her advice be to other quitters?

“Don’t give up. Don’t get disheartened if you lapse - start stopping again with another quit date. Accept that quitting is not easy. Pick up and old or new hobby to help!”

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