Cigarettes ruled her daily routine for several years, but now Debbie has become smoke-free for good - congratulations!

Working for the Rotherham Health Service, Debbie knew the risks she was taking by continuing to smoke and wanted to quit for a long time. She made the decision to stop smoking in order to eliminate those health risks and reached out to our Rotherham Smokefree team for the best possible chance of stopping successfully.

Debbie regularly visited the Rotherham quit shop and put a lot of effort into her quit. With the support of our advisers, she can now boastfully state that she is “proud to be a quitter!”

She now feels much better and healthier since stopping smoking.

In particular, Debbie told us she has noticed that her sense of smell has improved greatly in comparison to when she did smoke. Imagine not realising that your bacon sandwiches could taste so much better if only you quit smoking!

However, the biggest benefit of being smoke-free for Debbie has been the money she has saved from not buying cigarettes. By putting aside the money the quitter would have normally spent on her old habit, Debbie has a personal display of the progress she has been making by watching her bank balance grow. She has since used some of these savings to pay for essential dental procedures she wouldn’t have been afford otherwise.

We’re really happy to hear that the money she would’ve spent on smoking was able to be put to good use.

Well done Debbie on a successful quit and also having such a positive outlook throughout your entire quit journey!

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