Clint & Shaz

Clint & Shaz

For the past few months, Clint has been suffering from COPD. After he realised he was restricted from activities that used to be part of his daily routine (such as running on a treadmill), alongside his wife, he decided it was time to make a change. They teamed up and visited our Doncaster quit shop to get advice on how they could both make the change to quit for good.

Clint and Shaz found the service extremely beneficial to help them through their quit. They told us their adviser Lorraine was always there for them, and ‘couldn’t have done anymore to help.’

The couple also liked the fact you could contact an adviser on the phone if you ever needed a bit of support. Not only did they have the support of each other, but they encouraged each other to ask for extra help instead of giving in to cravings.

Shaz told us they both put on some weight since quitting, however they have taken up doing more exercise both as a distraction and to stay in shape.

They told us their lifestyle now seems much healthier. They feel better overall and have even noticed their skin improve. 

However the biggest impact stopping has had on their lives is financially. Every month they are managing to save a whopping £500 between them! Both have said this will be staying in the bank for now as they are saving up to pay for their wedding in Mexico soon!

Well done to both of you - it’s been fantastic to see how you’ve wholeheartedly supported each other these past few weeks. Congratulations on being smoke-free and enjoy your wedding!

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