Bev started smoking when she was 19 along with a group of her friends. Years later and all of them had quit - except her.

In the past few years she has had many attempts to quit but relapsed each time. Although she learnt from each of these experiences, Bev regrets that she wasn’t able to fully stop when she was pregnant.

She continued to persevere in her quit attempts for the sake of her health and family, and opted to use our online live chat service and quit tool to give her some extra support. We’re really happy to hear that she now feels as though this is the time she has stopped for good!

“I am sure that it has worked for me this time due to seeing it in writing online, signing into the online tool several times a day to tick the non-smoker box…”

Bev had only used this kind of tool before when shopping online; so she was unsure about the process before she started. However she felt an advantage of using the online tool was that if she was ever struggling at work she could quickly chat with an adviser without disrupting her working day.

The Yorkshire Smokefree advisers talked Bev through the questions she had on what to expect during her quit journey as well as giving her feedback on how her quit was going.

Bev tells us she felt that the team were really behind her efforts, which only encouraged her more! She liked being able to discuss any number of concerns and queries with an adviser at her convenience; such as whether certain side effects she had were normal.

Alongside her online help, Bev made herself own personal ‘quit kit’ filled with booklets, low sugar sweets and a piece of unfinished sewing to keep her hands busy when those cravings hit.

She told us that the hardest part of her quit was to stay occupied during the time when she would have normally smoked. However, having her handy quit kit and the easily accessible advisers online helped her stay distracted when she needed some support the most.

Bev tells us that without this service she probably wouldn’t have come so far in her quit. We think she’s done a fantastic job showing a lot of determination, and it was great to meet her in person when she came to pick up her quit certificate!

Congratulations on becoming smoke-free Bev!

If you want to quit smoking with the support of Yorkshire Smokefree on live chat then please visit and click ‘open live chat.’

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