After accepting that the habit was affecting her health, Ann made two decisions to change her life for the better.

She firstly came to our Calderdale team’s weekly group support sessions to quit smoking, then joined slimming world in an aim to become fitter.

Ann has done a fantastic job in tackling both of these changes in her life, and has been a delight for us to work with!

She told us that she loved the fact the group were going through the same experiences as her. If any troubles came up during her quit she was happy to talk to the rest of the group to help her feel better. “Yorkshire Smokefree encouraged and understood from day one.”

Our text service was also embraced by the quitter. Receiving the regular motivational texts helped her keep her focus; popping into her inbox just as she needed it.

Ann had decided to use Champix alongside her quit. At first she felt her sleeping patterns had been affected but overcame this obstacle by reminding herself that it would pass as her health improved. We’re really proud of her dedication to quit!

Now the Calderdale quitter has successfully become smoke-free, she’s really noticed the benefits. Her skin and teeth are in better condition, and she feels a lot fitter than before.

She’s also saved more money than she expected - so much so she’s booked a holiday this summer!

Congratulations Ann, we think you’ve done a fantastic job and are so happy you’ve quit.

Take a look at her personal summary of the quitting experience:

“Sue [the adviser] from my support group has been a godsend. Seeing her on a regular basis has kept me motivated and always advised me on anything if I needed it. Slimming world has helped me as I have lost weight which is so positive because when I tried to stop smoking before I gained weight.”

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