The 64 year old had tried to quit on his own multiple times before and never fully succeeded. In his most recent attempt Alan had tried e-cigarettes, and although he found them helpful he didn’t want to replace smoking - he wanted it to stop.

Coming to Yorkshire Smokefree really helped Alan focus on his quitting goal. He liked having a CO2 reading when we came to each appointment as he could physically see how much he was improving.

Alan found that cravings were the main threat to his quit. However, from talking to his adviser he knew that they were temporary. His strategy to get past this was to remind himself the moment would pass and try to distract himself.

He told us that the Doncaster advisors kept him “focused” with their positive attitude.

Now he has stopped for good, Alan is really feeling the benefits. Before he quit his weight was too low; but he has now found that he is eating better and therefore looking much healthier. His skin has improved and Alan has noticed his chest is starting to clear.

Financially speaking, quitting has made a massive difference in Alan’s life. He is buying a larger range of foods so his diet isn’t as restricted as it once was, and is currently saving up to treat himself to a holiday!

We’re really proud of how far you’ve come Alan - well done on becoming smoke-free!

Here’s what he had to say about his success…

“I never thought I would do it. I’ve tried a ridiculous number of times. My advice? Keep trying. Because one time it WILL work no matter how many times you fail.”

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