Adele began her habit as a ‘social smoker’ when at university. As her progress at university continued, her occasional cigarette increased substantially. The pressure of her studies meant she got to the point of smoking 30 a day and continued at this rate until she decided to quit.

With the cost of cigarettes increasing, Adele was struggling to afford her habit and attempted to quit with patches. She found it very difficult and was unable to stop on her own. It wasn’t until her employers organised a company health day that the Yorkshire Smokefree Wakefield team attended when she had the wake-up call she needed to seek support to quit.

Adele said “We each undertook a fitness test and my breathing wasn’t as good as it should have been. It was worrying and a real eye opener. I knew that this was my opportunity to do something about quitting.”

After choosing to get support and advice from Yorkshire Smokefree, Adele opted to use Champix to help her quit. We’re really pleased to hear how much of a difference using our support was for her! She tells us “The service was excellent, my advisor provided lots of useful advice and information. She was very supportive and positive and was always on hand to answer my concerns.”

Despite some challenging times, Adele hasn’t touched a cigarette since joining the programme and has discovered a passion for walking; often walking up to 16 miles a day! Due to the breathing problems she had, this is a hobby she would have never been able to pursue when she did smoke.

“There have been many benefits to quitting, my breathing is now fantastic, the whites of my eyes look brighter and I have a healthier appearance. I also started to put the money away I would have spent on cigarettes and built up enough savings to put a deposit down on a new car.”

Congratulations Adele on your 3rd smoke-free anniversary!

If you want to quit smoking with the support of the Wakefield Smokefree team and would like to find a clinic near you then visit or contact us on 0800 612 0011 (free from landlines).

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